Marama Warren The Currowan Fire - Ablaze
3-24 December 2021 Nature Works Artist Books Artists have been active in printing and book production for centuries. Artist books have appeared in a wide range of forms, from the traditional codex to scrolls, fold-outs, concertina and loose leaf, and were adopted by movements such as Dada, Constructivism and Fluxus. Against the background of climate change and COP26 in Glasgow over 32 artist book makers have submitted works reflecting their own concerns for the environment. The exhibition was co-curated with Edinburgh-based artist Susie Wilson.
Fenneke Wolters-Sinke The Red List
Brigid Colins Blantyre
Roy Willingham Waiting
Susie Leiper Less Talk, More Action
Gen Harrison Earth Heart
Frances Douglas Rewilding Future Exhibitions 4-25 Feb Ken Wilder (Sculpture) 11 March-1 April Alice Dudgeon (Sculpture) 15 April-6 May Kate Livingston (Mixed Media) 13 Aug-2 Sep Helen Moore (Painting) 17 Sep-7 Oct Winifred Hodge (Painting) TBD Annalisa Merrilees & Debbie Mountain (Painting)
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